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Away from mass tourism on the unexploited island of Evia. A location that combines sea and mountain.

Alilea [a-li-le`-a]

Alilea is set in an area called Theotokos which is just outside Politika village. The villas are within a 8000sq.m. olive grove and surrounded by rich and beautiful nature. Theotokos is a sparingly built seaside area that is ideal for relaxation.

Beach 200m
Politika 3km
Nerotrivia 7.5km
Dafni 12km
Chalkida 26km
Athens 109km

Politika [po-li-ti-ka`]

Politika is one of the eldest settlements on Evia. It has a long beach and a variety of restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars by the seafront. There are a couple of bakeries, pharmacy, butchers, mini-market stores and almost anything else one might need.

Politika is set  in an agricultural area from which you will benefit. Enjoy fresh, local produce of vegetables, fruits, bread, dairy and meat products and of course fish straight from the sea!
The village has a medieval tower and a monastery dating back to the 11th-12th century.


Driving to Alilea is highly recommended. It is the best way to explore the island as well as the mainland. Evia is connected to the mainland via 2 bridges so there is no need to take a ferry to get to Alilea.

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Car Rental in Chalkida

“Karlis” car rental on 17 A.Goviou Street, Chalkida. Tel. (+30) 22210 88862.

A 5 minute walk or a short taxi ride (approx. 3 Euros) from Chalkida's rail station.

If you are planning to visit Athens before Alilea, you could travel by rail to Chalkida and then rent a car and drive to Alilea (total travel time about 2hrs). This way you will avoid driving in Athens which can be stressful.


The train journey Athens-Chalkida takes approximately 1hr 20mins. The rail line is called Proastiakos (suburban railway). Trains depart hourly from "Larissa” rail station located in central Athens. Booking tickets in advance is not necessary.

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Explore a more genuine and unspoilt part of Greece, Evia. There is something of interest to be seen at every turn in Evia. Modern life thrives alongside preserved tradition.


Access onto the island is easy as it is connected with a main highway and several ferry lines. It is a centre of attraction for those seeking natural beauty and scenic variety.

The island is the second largest in Greece, after Crete. Long and narrow, with a coastline of 680km (lots of beaches!). Evia lies in the Aegean Sea alongside the shores of Mainland Greece. It covers an area of 3580 km2 and it has approximately 212.500 inhabitants.

Luscious hillsides, rivers and streams with rich vegetation, a large variety of beaches, curative springs and the warm hospitality of its citizens are among the things that Evia has to offer. Things that guarantee a pleasant stay. Historic monuments and the local culture and way of life will captivate the educated traveler. The most distinctive monuments are the medieval towers and the monasteries scattered all over Evia. There is also a variety of folk, archeological and historical museums.

Many tourists in favor of more popular holiday spots oversee Evia, this makes it more authentic and less busy. For Athenians it is an ideal weekend getaway due to its proximity and beauty.

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Nerotrivia [ne-ro-tri-via`]

A mountain village with beautiful views of the area, 7km north-east of Alilea. Thanks to its high altitude Nerotrivia has a cool breeze which makes it an ideal location for warm summer days. It is a good location for walks and dining.

Dafni [tha`-fni]

12km North of Alilea Villas, past Nerotrivia village, is the lovely area of Dafni. An area with a white pebble beach, with crystal clear waters and springs that flow straight into the saltwater. A location where pine trees meet the sea and create a unique beauty.

Chalkida [halki`-tha]

Chalkida is the capital as well as the administrative, cultural, commercial and industrial center of the island of Evia. It is located 29 km southwest of Alilea Villas.

Chalkida’s old bridge connects the mainland to the island over the Evripous Channel where the current changes direction about every 6 hours! This tidal phenomenon, the sacred churches, the fortress of Kanithos and the fountain of Arethousa are among the things worth taking a look at. The town also has an Archeological and Folk Arts museum.

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Apart from the near by attractions the visitor of Alilea Villas can go on day trips and explore various other spots on Evia as well as the mainland.


Places of interest on Evia

The region of Aedipsos with its famous curative springs and the temple and shrine of Osios Ioannis Rossos. The Sycamore forest of kireas with a 100 year old tree at Prokopi. The natural sites of Eretria and Limni Evias.


The picturesque villages of Agia Anna, Vassilika, Rovies and Steni Dirfis shall definitely enchant you. As far as beaches go Limnionas and Xiliadou (on the Aegean side of Evia) are definitely worth a visit.


Places of Interest on the mainland

Delphi with its famous ancient monuments, although on the mainland, is just over 2 hours drive by car. In Delphi one walks amongst ancient Greek monuments dating as far back as the 4th century BC. Near by is Arahova, a beautiful mountain village well worth a visit.Finally, Athens is close.


You can get there by driving or taking the train. Once in Athens use the metro (underground) to get around. This way you avoid driving around a busy city and getting lost. Athens has lots for the tourist to see and most points of interest are at the very centre and can be seen within a day trip from Alilea Villas.

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